Monday, September 17, 2012

Some Plants That Are Poisonous And Deadly

Angel’s Trumpet

Poison Angel's trumpet is a type of hallucinogen (causes of hallucinations) that should not be used for kicks because it could have fatal consequences. On wikipedia are described as follow: "the Active Content is atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine which are classified as substances busting awareness or anticholinergics. High risk in case of an overdose patient is evidenced by the report were treated at the hospital and also who died using it for kicks.

Water Hemlock

Poison hemlock is known for taken by Socrates deadly. According to the USDA, water hemlock or poison parsnip is referred to as "the deadliest toxic plants in North America". Flowers and stem are safe, but its roots are part of the lymph which is full of deadly contains cicutoxin. Seizures and followed a fast death can occur even though a bit consumed.

English Yew

English Yew (Evergreen United Kingdom) or taxus baccata, is one of the trees off the face of the Earth. The lush green trees are commonly found in Europe. By scientists firs is considered odd tree. All parts except the fruit skin is highly toxic. Due to their toxicity causes paralysis, intoxicating and never used for the process of abortion and often ends with death. Poison is taxine (triggers a heart attack). Their toxicity is acting quickly and no antidote.


Snakeroot for most dangerous farm animals such as cows and sheep. When a cow eats an interesting collection of delicate blossoms and also it trunk, milk and beef bones will be filled with toxins and humans that consume tremetol products from these animals will experience poisoning milk. Here's what it used to be milk poisoning caused from Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks, died.

Strychnine Trees

Cleopatra was known to coerce his servants to commit suicide using strychnine tree fruit seeds, which contain a deadly poison strychnine and brucine to verify it to be the best to attempt suicide themselves. When looking at the pain of his servants were dreadfully he decided to choose to use other toxins that are less painful by small venomous snake to kill him.

Castor Bean

You might be surprised if You know that content in the musk seeds (castor bean) is the deadliest plant toxins on Earth. Actually, a little musk enough to kill an adult in just a few minutes away. While the musk oil is safe to use (but not for food) because of their toxicity of compounds known as ricin has been omitted.

Rosary Pea

See rosary pea 's, it looked to be a sweet and safe plant-safe enough, but the fact that she is one of the most dangerous plants in the world. The seeds contain lectin called abrin special. These seeds are easy to spot because of its red color and wrap it up there is a black stain. Abrin, killed by making ribosomes are not functioning, is one of the fatal poison in the world. Once inside the body, it will cause fever, nausea, remove foam, dysfunction and blood sugar as well as seizures, then attack the kidneys, urinary tract, urinary bladder, retinal bleeding and wounds in the spread.


These plants like the other usually are not very aware of. Another term is "wolfsbane" because common dipake by peasants as a Wolf an effective exterminator. Her nickname is indeed full of "damnation" as "womensbane" and "leopard's bane", there is also a call it blue rocket and "Devil's helmet". Still a family of aconitum plants, which have more than 250 species. This plant is in fiction, popular as a tool to detect the werewolves.

Bushman Poison

Bushman Poison is famous for poison used by Khoisan tribes in South Africa as a remedy for poison arrows. Although this plant is flowering and fragrant fruit are tasty, but resin is harmful toxins. Leaves will alone could be material medicines. Their toxicity is also known by the term "wintersweet".


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