Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Causes Of Excessive Sweating And How To Overcome It

Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis

Excess sweating is often problematic, in addition to cause body odor also causes a feeling of discomfort and lack confidence. Sweat is produced by sweat glands/sebacea glands. It is located on the network under the skin. Sweat glands produce sweat liquid from the arrangement of the autonomic nerve, who worked outside human consciousness (e.g. the existence of heartbeat, bowel motion, motion and breath the desire to pee or large).

Things that cause excessive sweating:

  1. Certain food or drinks containing caffeine or alcohol can make us sweat. Spicy foods can also cause sweating. 
  2. Medications such as some anti-psikosa drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders, high doses of morphine, thyroxine and an overdose of pain reliever medications (such as aspirin and asetaminofin). 
  3. Menopause: menopausal women can experience hot flashes, where an increase in the temperature of the skin accompanied by sweat and steamy. This happens due to the decrease in estrogen levels. 
  4. Hypoglycemia: low blood sugar levels often found in diabetics that consume or insulin anti-diabetic medications-oral. Initially the symptoms are sweating, body trembling, weak, hungry and nausea. Hypoglycemia can also occur after a meal, especially on those who have undergone surgery of the stomach or intestines.  
  5. Fever: occurs when body temperature rises above the normal limit up. Fever can occur on many different types of  bacterial infection and viruses. When body temperature begins to drop back, can be accompanied by excessive sweating.
  6. Hyperthyroidism: Sometimes the thyroid gland produces hormones thyroxine are numerous. This can cause weight loss, rapid heart rate or irregular, restless, increased sensitivity to heat and excessive sweating.
  7. Heart attack: occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle decreases. The symptoms are chest pain that spreads to the shoulders, arms or back, excessive sweating and shortness of breath. 
  8. Tuberculosis: the symptoms are sweating at night. Malaria: malaria Symptoms related to the life cycle of the parasite cause. At first, as pain sufferers chills, nausea and vomiting; When body temperature begins to drop, will come out a lot of sweat.

Tips to reduce excess sweat:

  1. Avoid Consuming spicy food: the chemicals contained in the spicy foods can cause increased body temperature so that the brain reacts quickly and removing excess sweat. For that kind of food intake to avoid this.
  2. Diet and exercise: Generally those who are obese tend to be easily compared to those who sweat has a normal body weight. Excess food intake causes the overproduction of sweat, because these foods are hard to digest so the body's metabolism work harder and even body temperature heats up. For it change food menu with different kinds of vegetables and fruits.
  3. The consumption of grapes: grapes have the ability to maintain body temperature remains normal. This grape juice can be substituted with tomato juice because the composition is almost the same with wine. Both pieces are good to get rid of sweat naturally
  4. Avoid energy drinks and coffee: because it can accelerate the pace of the nervous system that plays an important role in increasing body temperature
  5. Use Alum to restrict the sweat armpits: Alum can make your armpit remains dry and not moist. For that use at any time in order to keep your armpit, then dry on the crease of the armpit sweat production not mixed with bacteria.
  6. Wear clothing made from cotton or wool, and avoid material synthesis: cotton or wool can keep air circulation so your body breathe easy. The type of material is easy to absorb excess sweat from the body, thus avoiding the body odor. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Some Plants That Are Poisonous And Deadly

Angel’s Trumpet

Poison Angel's trumpet is a type of hallucinogen (causes of hallucinations) that should not be used for kicks because it could have fatal consequences. On wikipedia are described as follow: "the Active Content is atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine which are classified as substances busting awareness or anticholinergics. High risk in case of an overdose patient is evidenced by the report were treated at the hospital and also who died using it for kicks.

Water Hemlock

Poison hemlock is known for taken by Socrates deadly. According to the USDA, water hemlock or poison parsnip is referred to as "the deadliest toxic plants in North America". Flowers and stem are safe, but its roots are part of the lymph which is full of deadly contains cicutoxin. Seizures and followed a fast death can occur even though a bit consumed.

English Yew

English Yew (Evergreen United Kingdom) or taxus baccata, is one of the trees off the face of the Earth. The lush green trees are commonly found in Europe. By scientists firs is considered odd tree. All parts except the fruit skin is highly toxic. Due to their toxicity causes paralysis, intoxicating and never used for the process of abortion and often ends with death. Poison is taxine (triggers a heart attack). Their toxicity is acting quickly and no antidote.


Snakeroot for most dangerous farm animals such as cows and sheep. When a cow eats an interesting collection of delicate blossoms and also it trunk, milk and beef bones will be filled with toxins and humans that consume tremetol products from these animals will experience poisoning milk. Here's what it used to be milk poisoning caused from Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks, died.

Strychnine Trees

Cleopatra was known to coerce his servants to commit suicide using strychnine tree fruit seeds, which contain a deadly poison strychnine and brucine to verify it to be the best to attempt suicide themselves. When looking at the pain of his servants were dreadfully he decided to choose to use other toxins that are less painful by small venomous snake to kill him.

Castor Bean

You might be surprised if You know that content in the musk seeds (castor bean) is the deadliest plant toxins on Earth. Actually, a little musk enough to kill an adult in just a few minutes away. While the musk oil is safe to use (but not for food) because of their toxicity of compounds known as ricin has been omitted.

Rosary Pea

See rosary pea 's, it looked to be a sweet and safe plant-safe enough, but the fact that she is one of the most dangerous plants in the world. The seeds contain lectin called abrin special. These seeds are easy to spot because of its red color and wrap it up there is a black stain. Abrin, killed by making ribosomes are not functioning, is one of the fatal poison in the world. Once inside the body, it will cause fever, nausea, remove foam, dysfunction and blood sugar as well as seizures, then attack the kidneys, urinary tract, urinary bladder, retinal bleeding and wounds in the spread.


These plants like the other usually are not very aware of. Another term is "wolfsbane" because common dipake by peasants as a Wolf an effective exterminator. Her nickname is indeed full of "damnation" as "womensbane" and "leopard's bane", there is also a call it blue rocket and "Devil's helmet". Still a family of aconitum plants, which have more than 250 species. This plant is in fiction, popular as a tool to detect the werewolves.

Bushman Poison

Bushman Poison is famous for poison used by Khoisan tribes in South Africa as a remedy for poison arrows. Although this plant is flowering and fragrant fruit are tasty, but resin is harmful toxins. Leaves will alone could be material medicines. Their toxicity is also known by the term "wintersweet".

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Myths About Misleading Food

The key is reasonable amounts of consumption because seafood is indeed contain cholesterol. Cholesterol levels in the body are largely influenced by the saturated fat and trans fatty acids. Both are listed in red meat and processed food packaging. Trans fatty acidterdapat in snack packs, Pan, or margarine that contains hydrogenated oil .

If you are diabetic, you need to pay attention to your intake of sugars and carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar levels. When not diabetesi, no sugar intake causes diabetes. That's right, high calorie foods, including plenty of drink and eat sweet, overweight, and never exercise is the main cause of disease risk factors in type 2 diabetes.

The main message is the carbohydrate diet low in carbohydrates speeds up the production of insulin which edges will put on weight. However, restricting excessive asupannya can make the body lacks carbohydrates for daily activities. As a result, your body will be burning up carbs for energy, by releasing water. That's why you lose a lot of water when a diet low in carbohydrates.

We all need some fat helps the absorption of fats due to vitamin A, D, E, K, nerve transmission, and maintain cell membrane integrity. However, when consumed excessively, causing an increase in fat weight, heart disease, and cancer. Of course not all fat is bad. Choose a good fat called monounsaturated fats and unsaturated fats in your diet daily double. These unsaturated fats found in fish and nuts.

Many people think, eat less accelerating weight loss. They did not know, when no eating, the body thinks we are starving and therefore slows metabolic processes. We also tend to eat much after passing through meals. Therefore, do not miss meals. How healthy is to eat frequently but in small portions in order to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Types Of Food Without Cholesterol

To control high cholesterol so as not to actually be with nutritional therapy methods, i.e. eating food without containing cholesterol which pretty much found in everyday life. You can replace the bad fats with healthier fats. Consume plant foods can increase the intake of vegetable proteins that increase lowered cholesterol levels.  

Want to know what food is antikolesterol? Check out the tips below are taken from a variety of sources:

1. Mushrooms

Rich in chromium, a mineral that helps break down fats into simpler compounds, acid-fatty acids. This activity helps shrunk evil fat levels (LDL), and increase the levels of good fats (HDL). Another source of chromium is nuts, like walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds and peanuts.

2. Fresh Kwaci

During this time we gloss over your, whereas kuaci abundant substance copper. Diet low in copper intake are associated with soaring bad LDL cholesterol levels, and limited good cholesterol HDL. Seringlah eat kwaci, especially the fresh pumpkin seeds as well as good kuaci sunflower seeds.

3. Lemon

Among the various kinds of Orange, lemon or lime juice is the most widely contain flavonoids. This compound is able to inhibit excessive LDL produkdi thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. Flavonoids could also be obtained in tea, broccoli, tomatoes, soy, onions in layers like onion and onion and pomegranate.

4. Apple

Soluble fiber is found in apples is a source of betaglukan (beta glucan). Inside the body, betaglukan role controlling the absorption and the production of cholesterol. Another source of papaya, eaten with the Peel fruits (apples and pears), carrots, snow pea and other vegetables legumes in General (beans, winged bean, and long beans), dry legumes (green beans, lentils, and nuts of tomini), as well as red rice

5. Tuna Fish

Including sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are popular, in addition to salmon and mackerel. Omega-3s specifically protect the body against bad LDL cholesterol levels rise.

6. Red Guava

Just like watermelon red and red tomatoes, guava red lycopene-rich local. Role of lycopene in controlling the production of cholesterol.

7. Avocado

Pantothenic acid is a compound is most prominent in the instrumental acoustic avocado cholesterol levels in blood.

8. Tempe

This hearty meal of isoflavones compound fitokimia which is without cholesterol. Many are also found in tofu and soy milk.

9. Bean Skins

Bean skins, namely peanut crusted baked in the oven. Nibbles is overwhelming healthy fats and rich in vitamin E, which can ' lock up ' free radicals so as not to damage the bad LDL cholesterol, thus the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels can be avoided and prevent a heart attack.

10. Mango

Vitamin C found in mango. Other sources: carambola, various types of citrus fruit (grapefruit, Orange keprok, and others), Spondias dulcis, papaya, durian, strawberry, and kiwi. Vitamin C prevents oxidized LDL cholesterol is bad, so it avoids the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

About Aloe Vera, Benefits And Cultivation

Aloe Vera Aloe vera L. called or A. barbadensis Mill., Aloe vulgaris Lamk. included in family Liliaceae plant. This plant is known by the name of letah Vera (Suda) or ilat baya (Java). Name: alien Waan famai (Thailand), zabila, salvila (Spain), laloi (France), Aloe vera, aloe, burn plant, lily of the desert, elepant gall, crocodile tongue (United Kingdom), jadam (Malaysia), lu hui (China)

This plant is very rich with content, chemical compounds that are already known to be active among others:-Anthrskinon (Aloin, barbaloin, isobarbaloin, aloe-emodin, aloenin, aloesin), saponins, enzymes (oxidase, catalase, lipase, amylase, aminase), vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, Vit C), calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, zinc, carbohydrates, polysaccharides, amino acids, fat.

In pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine and other mentioned that this plant has traits; Bitter taste, cold. Anti-inflammatory, purgative (laxative), parasitiside, antiseptic, antibiotic. These herbs into the meridian heart, liver and pancreas. Fix pancreas.

The effect this Pharmacology retrieved from the use of leaves, flowers, roots and fresh consumption. Gel Aloe Vera is used as a shampoo, fertilize and discolor the hair. In America as a food coloring. The nature of antiradangnya to overcome sore ulcer or gastritis who are chronic. Aloe Vera is effective to cure digestive problems as it contains several types of polysaccharides gibberelin and Both these ingredients worked together, easing inflammation and give the effect of cold on the hull.

In the industry of cosmetics Aloe Vera lotion, cooling stages and face sunscreen. Already known long ago by Nations in the world and is popular in China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, India, and the Americas. Bulletin mentions the plant type of Pharmacology Netherlands aloe contains glycosides-glokosida is as a laxative.

Some cases of diabetes are also experiencing progress after consuming Aloe Vera. Mukopolisakarida was able to control the content of suspected blood sugar and prevent its complications. In addition to overcome high blood by way of inhibiting the breakdown, so levels bradikinin bradikinin in blood increases, and there vasodilatasi, further decreasing blood pressure.

Bradikinin is a nonpeptida produced through activation of kinin system on various system inflammation. Increasing the permeability of the vascular Bradikinin (blood vessels), stimulates pain receptors, causing contraction of muscles and a wide plain extra vascular.

Vasodilatasi is an event melebarnya blood vessels, especially dilatasi arteriole (small veins/arteries), increase blood flow to a section. 


Based on a variety of literature chronicling the experience of orally from different countries and regions, this plant can cure diseases as follows :

  1. Diabetes (DM): 1 sheet of Aloe Vera, remove the spines are washed, cut into pieces, boil with 3 cups of water until it becomes 1.5 cups. Drink 3 x 0.5 cups after eating.
  2. Whooping cough. The leaves are about 15 to 18 cm, clear thorns and skin simmered with 4 glasses 2 glasses and so, plus rock sugar or gula aren, drinking, 2 times a day.
  3. Syphilis. Aloe Vera flowers one gengam plus 1 cut, boiled meat, drinking.
  4. Intestinal worms, difficult urination. Dry roots of 15-30 grams, boiled with 5 glass into 3 cups, drink 1 glass three times.
  5. Injuries hit, wounds in (vomiting blood). Dried flower 10-15 grams, boiled with 2 cups to 1 glass, drink, go to 3-4 times until the bleeding stops.
  6. Peeing blood. 15 grams of Aloe Vera leaves is squeezed, plus 30 grams of sugar, add rice to taste, drink water.
  7. Hemorrhoids. Half leaf stems, kira2 15 cm, the spines are cleaned, washing, grate. Add 1/2 cup cooked water and 2 tablespoons of honey, stir, strain. Drink 3 times a day.
  8. Constipation. Half of the leaves (15 cm), wash, remove skin and spines are chopped up, sedu, fill with 1/2 cup of hot water, add 1 tablespoon of honey, warm-warm eaten, twice a day.
  9. Military Assistance Advisory Group. Aloe Vera 1 stalk peeled skin is cleaned, and spines are. Marinate 30 minutes in salt water. Squeeze briefly and then rinse in running water, boil with 3 cups of water to boil in medium heat, chill and filter. Drink ½ glass 3 times a day
Contraindications: pregnant women or people with impaired are menstruation, and digestive system, diarrhea sufferers forbidden to eat this medication.

Note: when combined with other drugs will then this material should not be boiled but must be created or the powdered pill form.

Duplication plants using saplings. Maintenance of the plants is easy, like other plants needed watering or enough water to maintain soil moisture and fertilizer primarily basic fertilizing. This plant requires sufficient sun spot.