Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips and Tricks For Windows 7

Windows 7 is a much better version than the latest version of Windows, namely Windows Vista. And Windows 7 comes with many new features. Unfortunately, some of us who do not know much about it.

So, here are discussed some important steps and tips or tricks step by step guide that will help you apply all tips and tricks.

PC Protection
PC protection is not letting anyone use the settings on the PC, because after the user logs off, all going to reset the configuration back to normal.

To use the PC Safeguard, go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and create a new account, then select "Set Up PC Safeguard" and turn it on. then you can stay relaxed when others use your computer, because you will not find anything changed, including configuration, software download, and install the program.

If you customarily share a computer with others, you may want to limit their access to your application, or files that are on dokumenmu. One solution is to use a tool AppLocker, you have several options to do so by blocking other users to access the executables, Windows Installers, Script, a particular publisher or path.

You can only do that by pressing the Windows key and then type gpedit.msc. Then go to Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Control Policy Applications -> AppLocker. Right click on one of selection (executables, Installer, or script) and make new rules.

Advanced Disk Defragmentation
Fortunately, Windows 7 offers defragmentation is much better than Vista and also allows you menkonfigurasinya. To do so, press the Windows key and then click "run" then type "cmd".

You can defragment your hard disk by typing the command "defrag" and you have the following options:
  • "/ R" will defrag the drive as a stimulant,
  • "-A" to do a defrag analysis,
  • "-V" treats files with at least 64 Mb of fragments such as not fragmented,
  • "-W" will defrag everything. An example is the "defrag C:-vw" to defrag the whole drive C.


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