Monday, October 10, 2011

Avoid Skin Because Of Illness Handphone

ISSUES radiation hazard to users of mobile phones is nothing new. However, skin diseases because the phone? Well, this is new news. And that's what raised the British Dermatological Association, British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).
The Association is located at this warn doctors about so-called mobile phone dermatitis. This disease is a rash that develops diwajah or in the fingers caused by repeated contact with a shiny cell phone.
According to BAD, after a rather long contact, nickel alloy in the handset and kipet phones can cause skin flushing and itching. Usually, on the cheek or ear area with a red, and a rash, itchy rash after long use the phone (headset due to rubbing against the face). Rash-raum it can even spread their fingers are industrious SMS's.
On its Web site, accusing BAD headsets that are more expensive as the culprit. "A more thorough investigation reveals that caused bahwareaksi nickel in mobile phone headsets, particularly in the most beautiful models," wrote BAD.

Nearly 50%
In the study, released earlier, the doctors in the U.S. to do tests to nickel in 22 popular headset from eight manufacturers, and get ten of them do contain nickel. That is, almost 50% of products have been circulating that can harm our skin!

"It was almost half of the phones we spot tasted it contains nickel free. Menu buttons, decorative logos on headsets and the metallic frames around the LCD screen is where the (nickel) are most common. Headset with a design more attractive and often have access to metallic casing is more likely to contain free nickel, "said Dr.. Lionel Bercovitch (co-author of a study from Brown University, Rhode Island).
While it is BAD to say that 30% of the UK population suffer from allergies to nickel. Especially women, is more easily affected by mobile phone dermatitis because their skin is already sensitive to nickel from jewelry.


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