Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toyota Learning From Turtles

"WORK like a turtle and not like a rabbit!". Thus one of the 14 core principles are adhered to "The Toyota Way". Indeed, it is rather difficult to understand what relationship the tortoise and the hare with the Toyota Production System (TPS), which has successfully catapulted into sebauh Toyota's top automotive manufacturing companies, both from the business side as well as quality.

This principle is not much different from the children's story book with pictures. Its contents are very simple, story contest run between the rabbit and the tortoise. What makes the book interesting, well worth is because the winner is the tortoise. Not a rabbit running much faster. 

In the book by Taichi Ohno, one blue kontributorcetak or "DNA" of The Toyota Way explains, tortoises are slow but consistent, makes it less wasteful and far more desirable than the rabbit quickly and outperform the competition, but stopped a few waktuuntuk rest. "Toyota Production System can only be realized if all the employees into a turtle" he explained.

Other Toyota's leaders are also often reveal the same thing. "We prefer slow and steady like the tortoise than fast and jerky like a rabbit." 

Heijunka, Muda, Mura, Muri 

That's the philosophy behind one of the most far-reaching polling stations in the future. Leveling workload (heijunka) is one way to avoid waste (muda), imbalance (mura), and overload (muri). 
Actually, that philosophy is not too new. An event or occurrence is not a discrete moment without context, but part of the continuity of life and living. Connecting past and future. 
Therefore, only Be smart people who can interpret every event and took lessons from him to continue to make repairs or improvements. 


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