Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dead After Sports, Why?

He said, beneficial exercise to strengthen muscles, bones, heart and lungs, and blood circulation. If so, why do people just died suddenly while exercising or finish exercising?

Are there particular sports that endanger health? Or any sport is good for heart health?
Type of exercise recommended for health care rather than sporting achievement or the nature of the game. Call it badminton, tennis, soccer, or futsal. Sports games that are not recommended due to the sudden tempo fast or slow suddenly.

Those who are at risk of congenital heart problems or are not used to train the body through exercise is recommended type of aerobic exercise alone.Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing, or gymnastics healthy heart does not harm the work of the heart.

Types of aerobic exercise recommended as it gradually stimulate the heart. Understanding, spurred the heart of this kind of sport to take as much oxygen to meet the needs of oxygen throughout the body.

At a minimum, exercise was conducted 15-30 minute routine three times a week, the days are not consecutive. This is to improve fitness. Avoiding elevators, or climbing stairs are also included aerobic exercise. Car parking far away from the entrance, then walk, is also highly recommended.

Health checks
Those who are not accustomed to exercising, you should first check the condition of his health prior to participating sports games. Although seem trivial, this should be done so that no fatal

Sudden death shortly after making sports games because the body is not accustomed to heavy physical activity. There is also the possibility of unfavorable habits. Such as eating before exercise, sleep too late, or have a bad habit like smoking.

The most important thing to remember is do not forget the warm-up. Warming is not just for sports games, but each will do any sport.

Despite the lack of heating and the condition of the body in fine condition, in the sense of having no diseases, no less fatal result, at best only a faint. But it would be fatal if there are other causes that accompany.
According to national health physician Dr Sadoso, was not really matter if they are aged over 30 years of doing sports games that good body condition. "As long as his heart is also good health, adequate rest," he explained.

In other words, just about to do sports games when it was over 30 years of age, and heart are not trained, you should think over and over again if you do not want to die suddenly.

Various studies show, regular exercise can help lower the risk of heart disease. Aerobic exercise is very dainjurkan because it tends to have a big advantage. But running or jogging, are often too heavy for the joints to elderly people who start.

Swimming is the most complete sport. This sport is moving all the muscles of the body and rarely cause injuries because it does not burden the joints.


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