Monday, October 10, 2011

Morange: Chat, Email, & Share Data

If you want an application that can be used to check email, chat, read rss feeds, virtual storage, even for remote desktop and PIM syn, Morange was the answer. Morange is one multi-functional applications that support a wide range of functions, namely:

  • Can check email with push email system and is accompanied by attachments. Email will go our own without having to first check with this application note should be kept active, and of course gprs should always be lit. Unfortunately only be checking emails that have pop3 access like yahoo and gmail.
  • Surely not miss, can be used for instant messaging. Morange support chat to fellow Morange, MSN, Gtalk, QQ, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo.
  • Virtual Storage Space is one of the storage facility the size 50 mega where you can store and share files that you have.
  • Remote Desktop and PIM Syn can be done by Morange will however require applications that are installed on the desktop.
  • The interface is also quite interesting, but I think need to phone the ability to upper middle. Because Morange Full Version installation file is quite large, almost around 400kb. And when installed will require a space of about 900kb.

Morange Features
Morange has two version of the Standard version (free) and VIP (paid). Just get a standard means certain features only, while all the new features can be obtained if the pay / buy credits (VIP). However, all new users will get 1 month free VIP days later if you do not pay / buy the credit facility will become the standard. Free period can be longer if you recommend a month Morange to a friend.
For frequently asked questions and sharing about Morange, Morange Forum on which there is at http:\\ And to get this application please download directly through your cell phone at http:\\


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