Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So The Fact Invisible Cloak

Cloak of invisibility, such as those used in the Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire, soon to be reality. The scientists said the cloak was not just a fictional story.

In the story of JK Rowling's claim, this bespectacled young wizard uses his cloak to move around the school is not visible. Although this magic cloak as if only in the mythical story, but the researchers at Imperial College believe, dress like it could soon become a reality.

They try to make a cloak of raw materials that can manipulate light. Researchers from London had been working on projects worth £ 4.9 million to create a real invisibility cloak since early this year.
In physics, usually when the light touches an object, it will bounce off the surface and into the eye, making objects visible. While based on a photograph of 'metal-material', which can deflect microwave beams so they flow around an object is 'hidden'.

So, scientists were making invisibility cloaks of view of 'metal-material' which would work 'hold' the wave of light flowing smoothly around the object, in the same way as water in a river flowing around each stick. Thus, anyone who wore the robe would not look human.

"We have shown that the optical invisibility cloak is theoretically very possible. Just how do I make it, "said Sir John Pendry, the leader of the Leverhulme Trust funded project.

The team at Imperial College said the meta-material can also be applied in various applications, including creating a super-sensitive microscope and airport security sensors that can see the tiny amounts of chemicals.


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