Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips For Rapid Battery Handphone Not Out

Quickly drains the battery problem would greatly affect the comfort in use. But, it should be understood also this can be caused by several factors.

Conditions for use of a very active so the normal force though Hand phone will drain the battery quickly. For example, Hand phone used to call constantly, do instant messaging on a frequent basis, or may also be running a video application, and much more.

Other causes that make the battery quickly drains the battery is a physical condition that was already damaged. Usually of exterior forms can already be seen. bulge conditions, discharge, indicating the battery is outdated. For the cause of this one, the fault lies not in Hand phone.

Therefore, as users we should be smart workaround, among others:

  1. Use the application according to our needs, and remove applications that are not too important. Because in addition to save battery, also can provide free space for your Hand phone memory capacity. Turn off bluetooth and wifi when it is completed in use. Due to the active feature will take the battery also.
  2. Do not fill / charger in a state of the battery indicator is still 50% or more. And also avoid the battery is 0%.
  3. Avoid charging the battery for too long, when the battery is fully disconnect the battery charge. Charging the battery is too old to make a quick battery worn out, even in some cases the battery will be bloated, because of excessive charging.
  4. Try charging the Hand phone is off. This method can accelerate battery charging.
  5. Avoid the use of wallpaper and themes animated or moving images.
  6. Do not use wallpaper pictures with great resolution (High Resolution), it also affects the battery savings.
  7. Reduce the degree of light on the display (brightness).
  8. Select the operator of the most powerful signal we place the activity. The stronger the signal, meaning the closer base stations to our HP. This time make the process of emitting a signal from our Hand phone is more economical power to the BTS.
  9. Shorten the duration of the conversation via the Hand phone position is to spend most of the Hand phone battery usage than others.
  10. Use a ringtone with a duration not too long.


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