Monday, October 3, 2011

Positive Thinking Pattern Through Healthy Living

Health is the basis for the improvement and development of physical fitness. To obtain a health body, we absolutely must be in a state of “Healthy”. Healthy lifestyle is essentially a unity program that covers health programs, physical fitness, and nutrition and leisure activities that if it is implemented properly it will support the achievement of high labor productivity. Implementation of a healthy lifestyle is good and it will also produce a healthy body, an adequate level of physical fitness  and be able to maintain a balance between physical and mental activity through activities that are recreational. Good all-around conditions will affect the human mind for the better or more positive.

The benefits gained by implementing a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Look more healthy and cheer full
  • Able to sleep soundly
  • Able to enjoy a good social life in the family and community, thus improving the quality Of life
  • Able to learn or work better
  • Able to increase work productivity
  • Healthy and positive thinking
  • Feeling at easy and comfortable
  • Having a sense of confidence and a balance life
In the law no. 23 of 1992 explained that “health” is a prosperous state of body, soul and socially towards justice allows each person to live socially and economically productive. In other words, if we are healthy physically supported by a healthy environment, then the mind – positive thoughts will be created. Based on this positive thinking our lives will also be better.

Habits in the supposed lifestyle among others:

  1. Maintenance of cleanliness and personal hygiene, especially the health of skin, hair, nails, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, hands, and feet, and wear clean clothes. In addition, movement and body also need adequate rest.
  2. Eat healthy foods, which meet the nutritional balance Meals contain balanced nutrition worker, builders and agents regulating substances consumed by a person in one day in a balance manner, in accordance with the needs of the body.
  3. The food eaten should always tailored to age and body type of activity performed, and the balance between in come and expenditure of energy, so that is proportional to body weight is reached.
  4. Health care environment, which means keeping it clean. For that three major factors that must be met to maintain the health of the environment are: the availability of clean water, accommodation of garbage and waste disposal, and preservation of cleanliness and health of bathrooms, and toilet. Check periodic medical examinations for early detection of health problems or desease, so treatment will be easier than if the disease is getting worse. Avoid bad habits that harm health such us smoking and drinking alcohol as well as the drug abuse, narcotics and other addictive substances. Also need avoid the occurence of direct contact with people suffering form infectious diseases.
  5. Avoid using personal equipment of others (especially) of people with communicable diseases), such us toothbrushes, soap, towels, clothes, spoons, glasses and comb.
  6. Sport and aerobics. Exercise is moving the body within a certain time while the aerobic means any physical activity that can stimulate the heart and blood circulation and respiration are performed in the time period long enough to produce improvements and benefits to the body.
To establish a pattern of life, in this case a healthy lifestyle, not as easy as we back our hand. We can apply them one by one. If it was all done unconsciously continuing a healthy lifestyle is already in corporate into our lives daily.


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