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The Battle Of Trafalgar Part 2

"Nelson’s Touch" Of Trafalgar
In Cadiz, Admiral Villeneuve and his fleet to consolidate Central with Spain, the ships got a great political pressure from the officers in Paris, including Napoleon.

But then, the serious obstacles facing Villeneuve in his command, as an inexperienced crew, logistics is lacking, pestilence, the condition of the ship is fixed to perfunctory attitude of the Commander of the ship Spain seemed half-hearted help France. Indeed, it cannot be denied, Spain did not mean her full support of se-French Empire, but rather limited "only to help" defeat the United Kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. On 18 October, pe-rintah attacked the fleet of United Kingdom on Channel back issued by Napoleon, without regard to the Villeneuve-sulitan. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, quite the contrary. Admiral Nelson managed to combine his fleet with Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood's Division, and the soldiers supported a reliable, experienced and disciplined. United Kingdom Central fleet that haus had enemies lurking and ready to do a Chase at the mouth of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spain-France joint fleet, consisting of 33 warships departed Cadiz on 19 October at 6 a.m. to Gibraltar to bust the blockade Nelson and will join a fleet of air-conditioned with France at the Channel. This combined force, composed of the French fleet: 18 Spain: 15 vessels and ships. The French fleet led by flag ship-based Villeneuve Bucentaure (80 guns), while Spain led Admiral Gravina who were at Principe de Asturias (112 guns). Unfortunate for Villeneuve, the wind blows softly, so slow moving ships.

On October 21, in the waters of Trafalgar, Villeneuve is clearly observed by maneuver Nelson who then immediately me-merintahkan penghadangan. United Kingdom-strong fleet of 27 ships, led by Admiral Nelson arrived on the ship flag position of HMS Victory (100 cannons), and both commanders was in HMS Collingwood Royal Sovereign (100 cannons). See the unfavorable situation, including call, Villeneuve taking it-siatif turned back to Cadiz and intends to take refuge there. Nelson, who did not want to "prey" get away meme-rintahkan, immediate pursuit.

"England expects that every man will do his duty!"

Tactics that held Nelson ter-say revolutionary to the initial size of the 19th century, namely by cutting the enemy's path into 3 parts, broke the enemy lines and then the second column synchronously opened fire to create a chaos men-General. Tactics are quite dangerous, ka-rena put first as a spearhead to be enemy fire, a month before the other ships to help him. Nelson indeed reject the traditional war tactics, which form a line in front of where the two forces face each other and opened fire berun-tun. This is what the tactics of Nelson Latet day remembered as "a touch of Nelson (The Nelson's Touch)".

Other circumstances that are favouring the United Kingdom, is the mess in the French defensive line-Spain. Instructions to turn the direction of Villeneuve has screwed up lineups defense line, because the ships were maneuverable and busy forming groups, whereas the enemy just stay is within 5 miles. Chaos, causing the officers of Spain later, me-nyebut se-the combined fleet was like "a fleet of the damned". This is the situation that managed to put to good use by Nelson to cut enemy lines and get the position of se-rang is better. The naval battle of Trafalgar with blazing heat of battle on October 21, 1805. Each other's ships opened fire and if the position of troops from both sides adjacent to each other berlompatan to enemy ships.

The End Of Napoleon's Ambition
Radical tactics Nelson who remembered as "Nelson's Touch" have changed AL the above United Kingdom, paper, being outnumbered and without absolute winner none his drowning. But a resounding victory United Kingdom must be redeemed at a price of expensive, i.e. gugurnya Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson. Commander genius AL Kingdom United Kingdom fall after ter-translucent bullets from snipers French origin that many are in Tyrol the Redoubtable, the central stand while mem tika-give the spirit of his army on the quarter-deck. Nelson was shot at a distance of 15 meters from the Redoubtable at 13.15 and died three hours later. As a substitute for Nelson, was an officer of both Admiral Hardy. The combined fleet of France-Spain lost 6 ships of 33 ships with dead and 20,000 wounded 5.860 people. Meanwhile, the Commander of the French NAVAL Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve and his flag ship Bucentaure caught United Kingdom. United Kingdom casualties reached 1,680 people died. Ships of the combined fleet of France-Spain remaining managed to escape to Cadiz.

Trafalgar has become an example of excellence in the field of armaments, United Kingdom tactics naval warfare and maritime industry. United Kingdom ships have better maneuverability compared to Spain and French ships armed with cannons were powerless-reach even further.

But even so, the defeat of the French at the battle of the sea-Spain Trafalgar 1805 indeed more caused by errors of their own, rather than excellence. Trafalgar bear witness to the history of the United Kingdom in affirming the dominance of increased ocean and called a halt to Napoleon's ambitions to conquer the United Kingdom.

Since then. Napoleon focuses more attention on the conquest by continental. Nelson's command, to all his men were greeted with cheers, as if not elation trembling in the face of the enemy. In pressing his enemies. Nelson divides its power into 2 columns. The first column is headed directly by him with Victory being in the position of the leading edge, and the second column headed Collingwood with spearhead Royal.



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