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The Battle Of Trafalgar Part 1

Appointment of Napoleon Bonaparte as Emperor of France in 1804 has opened new in European history babakan. His ambition is to master the entire peninsula by Europeans. For that, Napoleon then parses it up power is amazing and militeraya entered into an alliance with countries that didn't he pardoned many of. On the Mainland, it can be said Napoleon managed to gain an edge. The French army managed to game the majority of his opponents, such as Austria, Prussia and the Netherlands. However, am-bisi Napoleon being an "Emperor of Europe" which sesung-guhnya, terganjal by its main enemy, namely the Kingdom of United Kingdom.

Before declared war on the country that geographically separated by the Channel and the European continent, France establish peace through the Treaty of Amiens in 1802. The peace that only "whole corn", since 1803 Napoleon proclaimed a war with the United Kingdom again. Even to achieve final victory. Napoleon planned to land the troops to mainland United Kingdom. Here, Napoleon had to face a fact, that to realize the plan, first to achieve absolute superiority in the sea. The problem, for the French Navy had to deal directly with the United Kingdom's famous resilient. The motto of the British Rule The Waves, is not a mere omong-kosong, but a reality. Kedigjayaan United Kingdom reflected on the extent of AL'S British Empire that includes nearly all the Nations of the world. Conquer the United Kingdom, became an obsession for AL the biggest French, to be able to dominate Europe.

Naval Strategy Alliance And Redirects
The worries of Napoleon against AL dominance United Kingdom, ter-in waters surrounding the Strait's main Channel, very reasonable, because that's the only barrier is the largest and heaviest if about to land a bala-tentara Pe-rancis to United Kingdom land. In addition, the United Kingdom has also been doing AL'S naval blockade of the French fleet and its allies. These conditions made it difficult for the French to get in touch with the outside world via the sea. When Napoleon hoped France could muster and mengkonsoli-tie strength in maksi-Mall to win the war from its colonies. But if you consider must duel with AL United Kingdom, Napoleon had to think twice.

For starters, gathered a large force of AL and strong. Napoleon then align themselves with some countries that have problems with the United Kingdom, such as Spain and the Netherlands. France actually has the power of AL. In Brest accumulated 22 ka-pal, there is war in Toulon 12 ka-pal, and Rochefort and Ferrol massed squadrons of ships that are smaller. In addition, France is also reinforced by 32 of the warships To Spain L'Armada-rajaan. A cursory look there are non-balance between the United Kingdom to join kuatan AL an AL-France-Spain.

However, as "the true ruler of the oceans" is certainly the United Kingdom also have applied the right strategies and tactics to hit any invaders that try goes into their waters, including consolidating the power of the colonies and their allies. A fleet under the command of Ad-miral Cornwallis served intercept every move through the Strait and storming of Channel helped blockade of Brest. Meanwhile, Al-mada's command of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson blockaded Toulon and the Mediterranean Sea. Special for Nelson, gets the task materials i.e. conquered tam Pe-rancis at sea. In order to distract and confuse trasi AL concentrated-United Kingdom, Napoleon me-nerapkan tactics and strategies of camouflage or maneuver pe-nyesatan. The goal, away-right of United Kingdom Strait perkuatan AL Channel and mess up the manuvernya to late to the consolidation, in order not to be a threat against French landings in the United Kingdom.

The most important part of Napoleon's manoeuvres, the eccentric is transitioning its fleet at Toulon to join air-conditioned fleet in Brest, as well as other ships arrived to escape results from pen-interception function was United Kingdom fleet. In the meantime, in order to more convincingly, Napoleon moved troops to European cultural landscape as well as in the eastern part of Prussia. Like all maneuvers misdirection ter-call, mengkamuflase his plan landed 4 Division elitenya Armee Grandee to the United Kingdom's Imperial as well as incorporating the entire French fleet in Spain-Strait Channel.

Quick Reaction Nelson
On 18 April 1805, Admiral Nelson received the shocking reports that 10 days earlier French warships have been apparent in Cape de Gata, and that means the enemy fleet is not moving toward the East but to the Atlantic. He also learned that the French fleet, leading by Vice Admiral Pierre de Ville-neuve. Nelson immediately ordered his fleet to react to the movement of the head off of the French fleet. However Nelson ter-slow, the enemy has entered the waters of southern Spain. In order to intercept Villeneuve in order not to enter The Channel, Nelson ordered Admiral Cornwallis (Blockade Squadron Commander in Brest) to hadangnya. One consisting of 15 eskader ship of the line pim-pinan Vice Admiral Sir Robert Calder soon bolted to hadang. Unwittingly, the United Kingdom has entered the trap of Napoleon, Brest and Rochefort are not protected, the Emperor immediately ordered Admiral Ganteaume (Commander Eskader Brest) to as soon as possible to the Strait. Unfortunately, the plan Napoleon so messy, too careful attitude is a reluctant old admiral to move his fleet.

Villeneuve's fleet consists of 20 ship of the line and a frigate in the 7th with a naval battle which soon involved with fierce Calder's fleet in the West of the Bay of Finisterre on 22 July. Calder quells Villeneuve, the me-self with the rest of the array's of his fleet to Ferrol. Most of the French ships were severely damaged in a State, and it gets worse, the morale of the army was drastically due to illness, SAG less eating and drinking. Meanwhile, a dozen French ships of the fleet of Admiral Gourdon (Commander Eskader Ferrol) nothing more than simply "floating barracks". This condition, which causes frustration and believes strategy Villeneuve Napoleon has been messy. Napoleon who cannot accept failure Villeneuve precisely ordered him to immediately move to The Channel.

The second part will be publish on Sunday 9 Sept 2012


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