Monday, September 3, 2012

Keep Our Modesty, And Throw Away The Arrogance

As humans, we live together with people with various kinds of character. Most of them are good, but not few them are also bad. But, as good creation, we must keep and develope positive characters, on the contrary. We must eliminate the bad ones. One of the positive characters is humble or modest.

Modest or humble is a good character in which uman who has such character has a view that the is not arrogant, not too proud of himself and do not lower other people. He never thinks that he is more superior the others. He doesn’t think that he is better than other, either, it is a glorious character, isn’t it? But can we keep it in our mind and soul?

Nearly in every time, arrogance or uppish attitude appears in our heart. Yah, once while we do it unconsciously, moreover, when we become successful persons. And now, we just realize that this attitude is wrong and bad. Angree?

Do you still remember when you a good mark of your exam? Some of you chaimed that it happened because of your hard working, etc. Are you sure that your achievement is because of you yourselves? No no no ... it is wrong! God who has given you cleverness and capability to finish your exam! It must be! Soon, say thank you to God, and you will be freed of arrogance. Amen.

Someone who has succeeded tends to have arrogant attitude more easily. Right? Also he will be easily lower other persons and claim that he is better than others, and may claim that as the best person. But, is does not apply to us, does it? The rich, the clever, the handsome, the beautiful and the strong are also usually easier to have such bad attitude. Soon, leave that bad attitude and run to the good one, modesty. Remember and realize that what you have are absolutely from God. Thanks God that he has given us richness, cleverness, beauty, knowledge, prosperity, and so on, so we will be freed of arrogance.

It is so important for us to commune with Godly and modest people. They will help us the force and lead us to be like them. On the contrary, avoid communing with bad and arrogant people, because they will lead you to be like them too. We want to be good people,do we? But, we also remember that good or bad, only God who knows more than us. But, at least we consider and realizer the good characters look like.

As the proof of our way to be modest, we must also let our mind to listen to others’ good sayings. We must open our mind to listen to and receive others’ advices and critics. We must not claim that we are the best, our decision is the rightest, our argiment and opinion are the most reasonable, etc. Yah... we must open our mind and soul for good advices.

Friends, modesty will not lower our status or authority, on the contrary, it will increase our grade is this life. Even, we will get honor from other (although we do not expext it exactly), get love form our friends, have so many nice friends, etc. Also, we are grouped into good people. Amen. So, throw away the arrogance, because God will not see the arrogant people, but get closer to modesty and be the modest people, but get closer to the modesty and be the modest people, so that God will always love and has mercy on us. Amen. 


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