Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips To Groove A Friend

Each person would want to have lots of friends and loved in the association. For that there are some important things.

Do Discriminating

Not all of our friends the same status. We should not discriminate against them through a particular attitude or treatment. The important thing we can be mutually beneficial.

Do not monopolize the conversation
If we're talking with friends, do not control the conversation occasionally. Give a chance at another friend to talk.

Stay away Selfish Nature
Do not like to impose the will on others. Do not we want our opinions are always appreciated. But we do not want to respect others' opinions.

No Poking Disability Others
If untrue because of different opinions and then looked for flaws / faults dijadakan reason to stay away from him.

Ready To Criticized
Sometimes we also make mistakes. For that we must be tolerant when someone is criticizing us. Indeed very helpful constructive criticism.


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