Monday, September 3, 2012

Glance At The Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach (spinacia oleracea), have since time immemorial people know, and many benefits for mankind. Maybe so many benefits, to the extent that Arlie Chrisler in 1920 created the Popeye cartoon character who can gain strength by eating spinach.

Although it is not like the story of Popeye, but we should realize that the spinach itself was not merely as a vegetable, as fulfilling the nutritional elements, four of five perfectly healthy. Behind the green color and the stems are interesting / captivating, it turns out that spinach has a series of very important content for the body.

According to the Director of health of the Republic of Indonesia in Nutrition for every 100 grams of the material:
-          - Vitamin A6: 09 SI (Standard International Units)
-          - Vitamin B1: 0.10 mg
-          - Vitamin C: 80 mg

It also contains 86 grams of calories, minerals, calcium 267.0 mg fosfior 66.8 mg, 0.5 grams fat, 3.9 mg iron, 6.5 g carbohydrates, and protein 3.5 grams.

In the body, vitamin A serves as an immune supporting nutrients so the body does not easily  stricken  disease. Also vitamin B which was originally vitamin B1 (thiamine) is known as beriberi medicine and considered useful also help the growth process of a human being, in addition to vitamin B1 contained there in serve to maximize the treatment of carbohydrates into energy (power).

Similarly, potassium useful transform and maintain healthy bones and teeth or iron that is in the formation of hemoglobin, immune and the process of myelin formation in the brain.

Iron deficiency can cause low ability to concentrate on the children.
In addition to trigger a shortage of blood, or anemia. red blood cells as well as water spinach vegetable.

There are many ways to enjoy spinach, can be used as a soup, make the salad mixture, until the chips used as spinach. Spinach is relatively cheaper, there is no excuse for not enjoying benefits of spinach.


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