Monday, October 3, 2011

Which One Do You Prefer, Coffee Or Tea?

To keep the eyes to stay awake people usually choose to drink coffee on the sidelines of the activities he was doing, like studying, doing task and jobs. It can not be denied that coffee contains substance called caffeine that make the eyes to stay awake. In moderation caffeine can indeed increase the concentration, making us more alert and able to run through difficult challenges. However, these benefits continue to decrease along with the large number diasup caffeine.

In addition to make our eyes awake, the coffee consumption turned out properly to provide tremendous benefits. Twenty studies conducted around the world shows that coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%. The researchers speculate that the cause is chlorogenic acid in coffee, which acts to slow the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract. Chlorogenic acid also stimulates the formation of GLP-1, a chemical that increases insulin (the hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar into the cells). Other substances in coffee that is trigonelin (pro-vitamin B3) is also thought to help slow the absorption of glucose. Other studies also mentioned the benefits  of coffee.

Meeting of The American Association for Cancer Research produces report that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer. Other studies also suggested coffee reduces liver disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s. Coffee, especially the type of arabica and robusta, also contain nutritional components (protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals). Coffee also contains non-nutritional components that are bioactive coumpounds for taste and preservative, such us caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Consumption of caffeine in a normal amount also is advantageous because the use of stimulant affects of caffeine can give a temporary and harmless. Effects on the nervous system is to prevent drowsiness, increased sensory perception, thinking speed, and reduce boredom.

But coffee still be wary. Lots and at least a cup of coffee can not be determined because the sensitivity of each person different. Caffeine, which is the main content of coffee have the nature of the drug. Caffeine affects cardiovascular system such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. The negative impact comes when we consume to excess.

Not only that coffee also has the potential bad for the health of our bodies, including the following:

  1. Coffee drinkers with normal intake levels, ie two to four cups per day, has a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who drank less than two cups or more than four cups.
  2. Although not considered significant, moderate coffee consumption is slightly reduces risk of death from heart disease and death from all causes.
  3. Another case when we consumed tea. This drink has a lot of formerly known as the drinks are full benefit in any way to treat various diseases from mild to very severe to get in his recovery. This is way the tea leaves as object of research in drug discovery is more natural. Tea plants easily found easily in many parts of the world into a commodity to be plantes that have added value, as for example in the prevention of various diseases, including the following:
  4. Over 6 cups of tea a day associated with the risk of heart disease 36 percent lower compared with those who drank less than one one cup of tea per day.
  5. Drinking 3-6 cups of tea per day may lower risk of death from heart disease 45 percent, compared with those who consumed less than one cup per day.

Of the various kinds of translation of the above, we can considering which drinks a lot of positive contribution to our body. Health is paramount to perform all the activities we do.


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